Corporate Social Responsability


Steel combined with LED for an ecological and economic philosophy

 Steel is a fully recyclable material, it is also the most recycled material in Europe. Thanks to its multiple uses in various industries, steel significantly contributes to protecting the environment and climate. This material can be recycled indefinitely without degradation of quality. This results in savings of raw materials and energy.

 LED has low power consumption compared to traditional lighting, and extended autonomy. In addition, the absence of hazardous substances in the LED bulbs are single lighting solution harmless to the environment.

 Finally, where the purchase contributes to the depletion of non-renewable resources, leasing avoids overproduction and waste, a responsible approach to the time of the fall in purchasing power and the increasing scarcity of Contents first.

Luminoz chose to grow these two elements, such as steel and LED, in the design of its products but also to use solar energy to power the batteries of its structures. The brand is part of an environmentally responsible approach to guarantee its customers more ecological and sustainable products.